A Bright Future

Lets face it, the 2000’s, or the aughts, ought to have been a lot more exciting technology wise (see what I just did there?).

No flying cars or jet packs. No utopian, or even non-utopian space colonies. Ok, we got the iPhone, but it drops calls like a bad habit and it doesn’t fly. The Internet was cool for a while, but ever since Facebook became popular the threat of being contacted by random people from high school makes firing up the old web browser an exercise laced with fear and despair.

About the only technological bright-spot of this decade was in Nerf guns. Enter the Raider CS-35 which appeared under the Christmas tree last Saturday, With drum loading cartridges, pump action semi-automatic fire capabilities, and a collapsible stock, for the close in work. And, yes you can be damn sure I’m buying the tactical scope and light addons. Welcome to your bright future.