About the Site

Abductedcow.com began like many good stories do – with a road trip.

Way back in the summer of 1998, having failed out of about half of my classes the previous semester i did what any logical youth of that age would do: i embarked on a road trip. Times were good – gas was a $1.05/gallon, Superchunk and Wilco were blasting through a jury-rigged discman and I had the bitchinest ford escort wagon on the road.

Outside of Taos we came across a livestock sign that had been tagged with a little flying saucer. Taos is weird and cool like that. We drove on.

Fast-forward a few years and I find myself at the terminus of another trip: a post-college foray into the Dallas Architecture scene, followed by a tactical withdrawal back to College Station then concluding with a strategic re-route to Austin, where I now dwell. (The lesson learned here: when they say ‘go west, young man’ you should listen. And that Dallas is a crap-hole). Anyhow, aspiring designers who are stuck in a dead-end retail job need a portfolio, and also they need a web site to plug said portfolio. My last name is kind of a mouthful (it’s Swiss apparently, like one of my old bikes), So I dredged up something clever, and it stuck. All based on random graffiti about a million miles back down the road.

Since then we’ve evolved. The site stopped being a portfolio when I discovered blogs weren’t really that hard to run and that I’m actually a decent writer. I’ve redone the site something like 7 times over the years but who’s really counting. It’s become a creative outlet – when I’m stumped or frustrated, i come here and tinker until I can get the creative juices moving again.

And I still drive a wagon.