Red ++

Interaction Design Project

Red++ is a mobile app concept developed as part a group project for an Interaction Design course.

The Red++ user may be an athlete, or they may be someone who does some sort of activity or exercise a few times a week. They may be in shape, or they may not. They are likely to already use some sort of fitness app or device, or are looking to get one. They might have a pre-existing condition that makes them more worried about their health while they exercise, or they may be in perfect health, but want to make sure they are safe and can track where problems occurred during past activities (such as cramps due to lack of hydration).

The Red++ user wants a safety net. They want to be able to run, or bike, or walk on their own without worrying about what could happen. They want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if they go running on the Hike and Bike trail and cramp badly after one mile, that they can look back at their water intake the next time they hit the trail and determine what they should do to avoid cramping.

Or what if they are perfectly healthy and in shape, but they trip, hit their head and go unconscious?