24 Hours of rocky hill

Actually, it was really about 19 hours of Rocky Hill. We took a nap because there was a freaking arctic gale moving through Smithville on Saturday night. I had an epic endo at the bottom of Fat Chucks Demise that threw me into a ditch off the side of the road. Rad. I almost ran over a coral snake too. My bike was totally destroyed by the mud.
My Pictures are here.
Germ’s pictures are here.

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  1. pancake chick
    pancake chick says:

    good times…except for maybe the gale force winds, reptiles and blazing hot sun…let’s do it again!

  2. wade
    wade says:

    My bike and I are going to have to do some therapy sessions after this… She was very traumatized by the whole thing.

    Maybe a 36 hour race next time ? Lets go big…

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