This marks the 300th (give or take) post to the site. Possibly the longest ongoing creative endeavor I’ve taken on or at least stuck with. Rather than do my King Leonidas impression (very few people want to see me in spartan garb, although having a sword would be nice) I’ve dug through the site archives and found some of my favorites (some of the links are dead, and some of the punctuation is bad…I apologize but I pay the server bill, so not to be rude but get over it).

This year we discovered the joys of New York and drinking on the lower east side, tempered with the hardship of the great domestic realignment of 2007.

We also ate and were chased by large quantities of meat in Sonora.

This summer the hotel Subaru traveled a bit the American west for a much needed walkabout.

Then there was the death of hippy wade.

On the subject of hippy’s, the speculated hippy wars would short and funny.

Then there are the joys of eating BBQ with strangers in South Austin.

New Years of 2007, I got to discover snowboarding, winter-time air travel and my incredible family.

Then there was the week or two when my ibook died, and I was forced to watch television.

Apparently, I enjoy self-deprecating humor.

However, I enjoy moving much less, especially where uhaul is involved.

Back in the day, I was a bit obsessed with mowing. Not sure why.

Sitting in a pressurized meal tube always seems to get the creative juices flowing, as does travel in general.

Ah, the glories of Ice Dancing.

And finally, the Trebuchet.

And that’s it for gratuitous self-linking. The whole ‘blog-thing’ is a bit strange sometimes, especially when you read it in order. A public chronology of your life, accountable to the faceless masses of the internet. A bit like the ultimate architecture critique. Maybe its a creative reset, maybe its cheaper than therapy, or maybe it’s just something I can get away with doing at work when i don’t feel like designing another sad-purple-lady brochure. Irregardless (which is not really a word), here’s to the next 300, and hoping it doesn’t take me another 2 years to get there.