A Million Billion…

Apple Inc, today posted fist quarter earnings of 1 billion, based on the sales of 21 million iPods, and 1.5 million Macs.

If you take the average storage size of the iPod at 20 gigs (based on their five models) That’s 443 million gigs of storage (dont worry I used one of those math-doers (calculators) to figure all this out) space that jumped into the market place over the Christmas season, or room for something like 108 trillion songs. In other words Apple, and Steve Jobs specifically can afford, like, infinity turkey sandwiches.

This makes it a bit mind-boggling to ponder the potential customer base for entities like the iTunes store and subscription based services like emusic. Buy stock while you can still afford it, cause it’s going to get wild.

Adding insult to injury, the new iPhone, in addition to curing cancer, will be produced at a margin damn near 50%.