Austin-Elgin Rail

Behold a new, $200 million proposed Green Line to compliment the about-to-open Red Line. Also, a side note – in a somewhat heated discussion about this, Mr. Brian J. Pinero was in fact correct, (and had the links to back it up, thus proving me wrong) – suggesting that this line makes less sense than the as-yet-hypothetical downtown circulator.

I say build them both, it’ll stimulate the economy and get some cars off of I-35.

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  1. brian I'm right pinero
    brian I'm right pinero says:

    Why not take the 160 million for the green line and creat new bus routs that cut down on travel time, add more buses on prime hours (6:30 – 8:30 am and 4:30 -7:30), increase park and ride centers around at 183 and mopac, by the old airport and then instead of a green line create a park and ride in manor and see if it gets used before investing in that line.

    we send austin tax payer money out of the city limits to pay for another city that pays nothing to the rail makes sense? no. Park and ride at manor.

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