Big Ballon Balloon

Keeping with the large-scale disaster theme (I meant the the Texas City post, but I’m certain the last post on the Lege could also apply), yesterday was the 72nd anniversary of the destruction of the Hindenburg.

It was 72 years ago today that the Hindenburg caught fire, resulting in the deaths of 36 people (35 onboard and one on the ground). So why did it catch fire in the first place? Nearly three-quarters of a century later, we still don’t know.

Netorama runs down the plausible theories.

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  1. dad
    dad says:

    I still marvel at the fact that the Observation Deck of the Empire State Bldg was originally intended as a derigible mooring post with a loading ramp for passengers: yeah – a couple a thousand feet above the pavement and you want me to walk on that?!?! What’s next? You gonna tell me that this big ballon is full of stuff that can go boom?!?!What are you thinking?!?!

    No wonder the public concept of what could be a cool (and green) mode of transport has been relegated to Snoopy bringing you worthless aerial shots during boring football games.

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