Bike Gods Are Pissed


For those of you not hip to this jive, normally part a and b are attached to each other in a fashion that allows one to shift gears, while simultaneously maintaining tension in the chain and generally keep the bike moving in a forward, or at least semi-forward, direction.

We’d already had a crap crap crap ride, due to some erroneous information about the general dryness of the trail. When this forum says it’s dry, remember to take it with a kayak-sized grain of salt, because you’ll need one to cross all the flooded creeks.

Inexplicably though, after we were almost at the last major crossing (just before the fun part no less), on a stretch of flat reasonably level trail, these two parts decided to go their separate ways in mildly spectacular fashion, without any reasonable provocation. I’ve been riding a bike on trials for almost 12 years now, and I’ve never had this happen.

Yo bike gods – I apologize for any past transgressions (making fun of Gary Fisher’s goatee maybe?), but can we please, please stop this?

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  1. darkshambo
    darkshambo says:

    where do you need me? I will bring over a 6 pack we will ride this one out together..your a beautiful man wade

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