Cannonball Run

Ninety-mile road rides, 24-hour Mountain bike races – Soemtimes it seems a little silly to me, all this self-inflicted ‘fun.’  Then there’s these guys –

And so the clock starts and the taillights flare, and they’re off again, strapped down, fueled up, and bound on an outlaw enterprise with 2,795 miles of interstate and some 31,000 highway cops between them and the all-time speed record for crossing the American continent on four wheels.

The gear is all bought and loaded. Twenty packs of Nat Sherman Classic Light cigarettes, check. Breath mints, check. Glucose and guarana, Visine and riboflavin, Gatorade and Red Bull, mail-order porta-pissoir bags of quick-hardening gel, check.

Yup, I’m not crazy. Read the full article over on wired.  (via kottke)