Hard economic times call for drastic actions….I’m currently looking into cutting costs and the old Flowbee to help stop the bleeding in my monthly budget.  See it in action.

Package for Valentine’s Day

The Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek Michigan has come up with a better idea for Valentines Day than the usual dinner and flowers. How about charging people $50 to watch the animals make relations.

“Experienced and unabashed staff will lead you on a tour exploring the sexual lives of animals. Biting, clawing, scratching and mid-air acrobatics, animals have a way of reproducing that can be beautiful and brutal at the same time! The love tour will end with hors d’oeuvres and a special DVD presentation. Each couple will receive a small gift to commemorate their experience!”

There are also packages you can purchase at the local Holiday Inn in case you’re too riled up to take it home. If you’re interested, I’m sorry to report that this event is sold out, but you can get on the waiting list.