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Got tired of the excess black.


I’m not really sure what is about Flash that gives me so much trouble. All the other applications in the Creative Suite I can handle, but Flash gives me fits. The phrase “knows enough to be dangerous” sort of works here, but really “retarded five-year-old on crystal meth, wielding a hammer” more accurately describes my user experience.

A quick googling of “i hate flash” leads me to believe that I’m not alone in this.

Robert Capa

Capa practically invented the image of the globe-trotting war photographer, with a cigarette appended to the corner of his mouth and cameras slung over his fatigues. His fearlessness awed even his soldier subjects, and between battles he hung out with Hemingway and Steinbeck and usually drank too much, seeming to pull everything off with panache. William Saroyan wrote that he thought of Capa as “a poker player whose sideline was picture-taking.”

A cache of Robert Capa’s negatives have been recovered. This is what worries me about the massive and rushed transition to digital – no one will ever find and print an ancient cache of flash cards, and even if they did, it’d be from only one shoot. (via Kottke)


I think my dad told me once that clean desk is a sign of someone who doesn’t have enough to do. Due to recent tumultuous life events and a simultaneous upswing in projects at work, my desk recently reached a truly epic point of chaos. I’m pretty sure it was about to buckle under the weight of paper samples and discarded starbucks containers.
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