More postcards


I got a lot of push-back from on the original design, which was pretty dull(just the laptop). It’s a little trendy, but it makes a shockingly boring subject (new web pages) a little more entertaining.

Postcard Fun


Every so often, some quirky little piece comes together that I get really attached too, like this postcard/invite, with a shout out to my architecture days. Good things.

I traded these guys a website for a custom steel road frame. The load times are a littel slow, but otherwise I’m pleased.

TrueFab Jersey

A jersey design, that is part of a website design I’m putting together. This was super fun, but the Scottish were smoking Scottish-crack when they invented argyle.

Snakes on a Plan Badowksi Baby Garmet (Onesie?)

So my friends went to Jamaica this summer and came back with some exciting news. The Badowski evolutionary line, against all odds, would continue.

Anyhow they had a shower this weekend (A baby shower). Who needs Babies ‘r us, when you have Photoshop, iron-ons and a ridiculous baby-name that your drunk friends came up with ?

punkyuppie [dot] com

Tim & Heather are on and 4-8 month road trip (depending on which person you ask). This is the site I built for them.

Student Piece

Somebody in Wales liked one of my photos and used it in this design piece for a class. It’s a reworked cover for a Massive Attack single – Dissolved Girl.

This whole internet thing never ceases to amaze me…that I could be helping with a design project across the Atlantic is pretty trippy.

New Portfolio

I redesigned my portfolio site,

New Site Idea

We’ve been asked to work up a youth-based site. Normally the second I buy or write something it becomes instantly uncool, so this is a bit of a challenge. But I kind of dig where this is going. (link to biggun)

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