Clearing the Air

Four Cyclists who were wearing smog masks when they arrived in Beijing, have been forced to apologize…I guess for not wanting to breathe the stew of airborne-shit that is the city’s air?

Four US Olympic cyclists who caused an outcry when they arrived at Beijing airport wearing smog masks have today apologised to Games organisers.

The four – Mike Friedman, Bobby Lee, Sarah Hammer and Jennie Reed – said that they were wearing the masks because of pollution fears, a touchy subject for the Chinese authorities.

Not to be a downer, but letsee, the tibet-crackdown thing, the earthquake, yesterday’s terrorist-dumptruck attack, the polution, the torch protests…I think four american cyclists, who might be needing their full oxygenation abilities in the next few days, wearing smog-masks might be the least of this round of the game’s problems.

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  1. brian
    brian says:

    it didn’t have to be done…..hell one of them is going to be biking inside on a track….
    If it’s not a big deal then why did they strap black masks on their face the minute they set foot ina country?
    How was it suppose to be recieved?

  2. wadeferd
    wadeferd says:

    bullshit pinero – Have you seen the pictures of that place? I’m sorry I would have done the same damn thing. And also can you imagine what would have happened here? Can you picture our government/USOC forcing foreign competitors to apologize for something like that?

    Give me a break. They got picked on cause their Americans, plain and simple, an I’d bet you stiff drink their coaches told them to do that.

  3. brian
    brian says:

    RETRACTION!!!! RETRAACCCCTTTTIIIOOONNN!!! Per our phone conversation at 9:25pm on 8/6/08 Wade: “well…I ‘ll agree to that you bastard…..”

  4. wadeferd
    wadeferd says:

    I believe i said, I agree that they should not have been wearing the masks right as they got off the plane, but the fact that the are making this such a big deal is what blows my mind.

    Also, get it right I called you a ‘commie red bastard’ …

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