Construction begins

With the power of the chainsaw, we have managed to cobble together a working superstructure, a throwing arm, and an absurdly heavy counter weight.

The whole thing has proved too be to heavy for us mere humans to move so we’re working on acquiring a flat bed trailer for hauling the thing down to the star party field for new years day hurling. The method Alan worked out of using leftover re-bar as nails has proven shockingly sturdy, so we’re feeling pretty ok about the structure itself not flying apart during the throwing. Though we’re probably not as confident about the throwing arm itself.
Alan also managed to salvage a very shinny axle from a scrapyard. The bastard weighs about 40 pounds and has a half inch wall thickness. If it breaks when we’re doing our inital heaves, it’ll be the least of our worrys.
Our current to-do list includes:

  • affixing the axle
  • devising a trigger mechanism
  • working out the payload trough
  • bracing the thing so its movable

Next Tuesday is our next available work day, and it’s possible we could have a working trebuchet at that point.
fingers crossed.

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  1. Tom Fowler
    Tom Fowler says:


    Your dad told me to look in on this project. I am quite impressed.

    On the subject of spam, history bears out its use as the all-purpose materiel of choice at the front lines during WWII. The role of spam in history is the subject of a paper that was published a few years ago in the Journal of the American Spam Society. I will be happy to send you a copy. I emphasize, at your request–and only at your request–I will send you this definitive history of Spam. I am very particular about never sending it to anyone unrequested for obvious reasons.

    I applaud you for keeping faithfully to your standard of using only biodegradable projectiles. Have you thought about a defense contract?

    TF, LJ

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