Déjà Vu Part Duex

So I had a bunch of really great posts planned for this week…. I was actually going to start one on Sunday night at the Green Muse. How trendy and emo of me to be posting a thoughtful entry to my website while sipping wine on the porch of a coffee shop.

Or not. Apparently I’ve pissed off some computer god, because my ibook that I just spent two bills getting back into working order, decided I really hadn’t spent enough money on it yet. I open the screen and all i get is this strange screen burn image (like what you see in scary movies when satan is about to jump out of the monitor), followed by vertical lines in pretty colors.


So, I am sans computer for another 7-10 working days, while Apple replaces the positronic brain, hopefully exercising whatever demonic influences are living in the screen. Hence the lack of activity on the site.

Interestingly enough there’s a petition out for extending the G3 logic Board replacement program to my model of computer (I have a G4 and it’s not covered). Over 1,400 people have had this problem, or at least have signed the petition. I wonder how many busted macs it takes for Apple to take notice.