Doping Sucks

Or does it?

Sign me up for some socks that say “Rural Moldovan Destitution Sucks.” And what about “Kazakh Existential Terror Sucks”? Can SockGuy fit that many letters around an ankleband? Do you have enough room on those socks to write whether you’re sincerely committed to the fight against doping if you’re not giving these kids other options — that potential to see Door #3? These no-hope kids, do they really “suck”? Are ultra-advanced WADA testing protocols the cure to our real ills? If we want to rehabilitate our sport and our world shouldn’t we be investing in other initiatives?

An interesting treatise from one of my favorite shops on the real problems in cycling, and how we should fix them. Maybe buying socks and wristbands that say ‘Dopers Suck,’ isn’t really all that productive in places like eastern Europe where the alternative (to being a winning cyclist) is working in a soviet-era coal mine.