Human Race

As I find myself in the middle of fifteen thousand runners, trudging their way up Red River, in the middle of August, about half way through the Nike Human Race 10K, I am very a cognizant of the power of the Nike public relations machine. Who else could convince me that running this far, when it’s this hot, with this many people, is a good plan? Even more, that it would be fun? If I ever need to run propaganda campaign to justify conquering a small nation to exploit their resources, I will be hiring these guys. The site of some many people clad in the same shirt – it was more than a little intimidating.

I will say though, having massive closed off streets to run on, including pretty much all of Congress, and a Ben Harper concert setup in front of the capitol was pretty cool.

The running…well…my knees don’t have the cartlidge that they used to, but we survived, placing 127,435th place.