Kendra’s Ode to Coffee

I like coffee. My sister likes coffee. She likes it enough to write poems about it.

When clanging bells awake me in the morn,
I curse and mumble at the fresh new day.
Beams of light fill my heart with bitter scorn.
No beauty can make the grouch go away.
Stumbling to the coffee make I go,
Hating every step, wishin sleeps embrace.
The only cure, a nice warm cup of jo
To ebb the anger to a gentle pace.
The drip and gurgle of wondrous coffee
Arouse my senses, starving for a taste.
O, taunting aromas how you mock me,
For without you mornings would be a waste.
At last one sip to quell the raging beast,
The sunshine’s blissful and I am at peace.


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