Lack of stash

Apparently I’m doomed to fail as a cyclist because I am genetically lacking in a crucial department: facial hair.

When one thinks of mustaches, the connection to the world of cycling might not be the first thing to come to mind, but upon further inspection, there is in fact a long and very esteemed list.The top of which would undoubtedly be occupied by none other then Ned “The Lung (Flanders)” Overend. A near second to ‘The Lung’ would obviously be Tom Ritchey (as well as many other of our mountain biking forefathers.) If any of you ever happen to ride the trails in Occidental California, rumor has it that part of Toms Mustache is still attached to a tree he crashed into at the second of the legendary Ring of Fire races.

Yes, sadly, the entire combined qualifying field for the womens Olympic cross country team has more facial hair than yours truly.

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