Lactose Intolerant in Greenwich Village

My sister’s neighborhood in NYC was host to an Iraq-style firefight lastnight.

It was unclear last night what lay behind the first shooting at the pizzeria, DeMarco’s at 146 Macdougal Street. The police said the gunman, wearing a fake beard, walked into the restaurant and was given a menu by Mr. Romero. When Mr. Romero turned away, the authorities said, the gunman shot him 15 times in the back.

Her response: I’m glad i don’t eat pizza.

The really odd part about all this was, according to the article, everybody heard gunfire and ran OUT into the street, TOWARDS the shots (See in Texas, we may be dumb rednecks, but at least we know when to duck).

Anyhow, it’s good to see the NRA responding appropriately to gun-related violence by lobbying heavily for a bill to allow employees to keep guns in their cars when parked in company lots. Maybe next we can get even more absurd and make sure teachers are armed, against the students in school shootings. Oh wait some asshat already suggested that.