A brief compendium of lessons learned from past 4 days in this, the ass-end of January.

Regarding Bicycles
Full suspension mountain bikes rock and are worth every damn penny you might hypothetically pay for one

Regarding PR professionals
I got an email around 9:30 a.m. from a PR firm guy whom I told the previous day that I would provide changes too this morning. The email started out like this: This is the morning. I’ve got to have the content back.

Really. It’s the morning. No shit. I’m sure in you profession of constantly reinforcing your significance to justify the outrageous sums you are charging a non-profit, such a reminder might seem appropriate. However I have a watch, a phone, a wall clock and a blackberry. Shocking as it might be, I can tell time. I also can also read a project timeline and understand that you were supposed to have said content to us three god damn weeks ago. Maybe instead of reminding me about the earth’s rotation relative to the sun you could a) do the job we hired you to do or b)take some clients to lunch as that seems to be your one redeemable skill. Because it certainly isn’t writing. Or coding. Or design. You asshat.

Regarding Projects
Some projects work. They flow. They fly off your desk like god put her own breath behind them. Others languish in the hell that is my computers desktop. I think of them as cursed projects, forever in the agonizing purgatory of edits and rewrites.

Regarding Winter
It sucks. And this is Texas Winter were talking about. God help you poor souls up north.

Regarding Departures
Even if they’re leaving for the best reasons ever, it still sucks when friends blow town.

Regarding Helping Friends Move
No matter how craptastic your week has been, nothing cheers you up like throwing a couch and other large-furniture items from a second story balcony.