Livestrong Ride

livestrong ride

Minus 10 miles: We ask the pointed question: is the small municipality of Dripping Springs ready to handle an influx of 4000 cars? Er, no.

Mile 0: Wahoo bike riding. 4000 spandex-clad people roll across the start line.

Mile 5: In an attempt to get ‘girls just want to have fun,’ (the song playing when we crossed the start line for some unknown reason) out of the group’s collective head, Fritz starts singing ‘we built this city.’ Fritz almost does not live to see mile 6.

Mile 12: We observe the awesomeness of the spectators and their shouts of encouragement. Germ makes a note on his iphone (while riding) to buy some spectators for all future events like this that we participate in. The route is absurdly pretty – winding (if marginally paved) roads, good views, plenty of support.

Mile 15: The first rest stop – people in spandex take an obscenely long time to pee.

Mile 20: Wahoo bike riding. I almost kill a couple on a tandem bike when I pop my chain off and come to a quick stop. Serves them right for riding a tandem.

Mile 30: We fall though a time-space anomaly and are suddenly in the Alps, except without the snow, pine trees or socialized medicine – just lots of damned-steep road.

Mile 32: Why the flipty-hell did I run a 5K yesterday ?

Mile 40: We say goodbye to Fritz and Brian as they make the wise choice and break off on the 60-mile course. We make it on to the 90-mile course with 5 minutes to spare.

Mile 42.5: Poor fashion/life choices are observed.

Mile 50: That damned space-time anomaly again – who the fuck builds a road at 10% grade?

Mile 60: Wahoo… oh the hell with that, this sucks…we are tempted to stop at my cousin’s in Blanco for beers.

Mile 80: It is observed that, with my legs as tired as they are, I more than likely will not be able to ascend the single flight of stairs to my apartment. Plans are made for uncle rob to carry me up the stairs, post-nuptial style.

Mile 83: Another hill? And a headwind? Seriously?

Mile 90: Triumphant victory (meaning, we made it across the finish before the closed the course down). Thanks again to all the folks who donated to the cause. The ride raised over $3 million – not a bad days work. More Pictures here.

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