Ike’s silver lining is watching Houston and Galveston start to put itself back together. That stubborn Texas attitude, the refusal to not let this degenerate into another New Orleans. The guy handing out free BBQ in the National Guard staging area. The fact that people are chomping at the bit to get back on to Galveston. Wise or not, Galveston will get put back together. And Houston, despite having 4 million people with no gas or electricity, hasn’t turned into a Lord of the Flies reenactment, and in fact more people seem concerned about when the football games are going to be rescheduled than about their personal predicament.

We can deal with this and we don’t need presidential helicopter flyovers to make us feel better (did the president ever even leave the airport? Way to get out there and comfort the people there George). Likewise get Anderson Cooper and the national media to quit talking about the destruction of ‘Bolivar Island’ (it’s a peninsula you ass-hats, look at a map). Go home and stop blocking the causeway so we can get to work.

(All Ike photo’s are blatantly lifted from the Housotn Chronicle)