Mr. Jet Pack

It’s all about vertical flight this week, apparently. Ok, when I saw the first Ironman trailer, I thought we were preparing for another Hulk movie or worse yet Fantastic Four. However, subsequent trailers have moved the bad-assed-ness meter from empty to eleven so to speak, and even prompted the Onion to get involved.

Never one to be so lame as to just, you know, show a movie, The Alamo Drafthouse has scheduled a free sneak-preview showing, complete with an apperance from Mr. Jet Pack International.

Before the screening, we’ll be treated to a display of technology that was only in the dreams of sci-fi filmmakers until now. Mr. Jet Pack International will take off from the Alamo South Lamar parking lot, fly above the crowd and return to earth to shake hands, hold babies and sign cleavage.

To make it even better, to get the ‘free’ ticket you have to send in a picture of yourself dressed as ironman or Tony Stark. This is going to be one scary event.

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