One Election Ballot with a side of Hatred and Bigotry please

Well I went to vote today in the Texas version of California’s referendum thing.
Except in ours we just amend the state constitution.

Every. Damn. Year.

What a way to run a government. No wonder we cant fund our schools. No, Today we voted on a series of amendments to our state’s fine (and often misspelled) state constitution, One of which was a Same-Sex marriage ban.

Cool. Now, not only do we have a reputation of being bigoted and stupid, we can now back it up with law. And not just with any law, but an amendment to the central document of our state governance.(for crying out loud even the Stateman came out against this one)

What would be really cool, is if next year we got to vote on banning old white males who make laws, drive gas guzzling cars, launder money, commit fraud, and have decided that a platform of hatred is a good way to run our government. Ban them, there doing us a lot more harm than people who love each other that are trying to marry.

An did i mention the Schools ? The ones that still aren’t funded ? Maybe we should look into that….