Road Trip Needed

Man, I miss writing for this site. It’s seems silly, as it’s my goddamn website, but circumstances of late have left me with little more than a series of blockquaoted articles with little significance.

No, I find myself wrapped up in things that the wade of living-in-the-Jeep times would scoff at. Concerns of things like career and responsibility. Hippy Wade meets Yuppie wade. It’s like a narcotics market-model…first it’s just a flat screen TV, just to watch movies on…suddenly you turn around and there’s a townhouse and a personal trainer in your midst…and it turns out you really like it.

It’s fine, we killed of hippy wade a long time ago, after the organic toilet paper incident, and we even still regularly frequent the hotel subaru in the summer times road warrior reenactments (plus coffee, minus the post-apocalyptic bits). Still though this time of year especially, i do miss the prospect of getting the hell-out-of-town and heading out to the desert for a few days, whether it be to climb, ride a bike or just stare off at the naked expanse of West Texas. Something.

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