I’m getting old which apparently means I’ve officially started to care about things like proper use of apostrophes, 401k’s and the cleanliness of my fake wood floor. Fake wood floors, or Pergo by their brand name don’t actually need to be kept very clean from a maintenance standpoint – it’s basically plastic that looks like wood so it’ll be around long after I’m gone, dirty or clean. However, something has snapped in me in that last few years and I’ve gone from a college-slob to damn-near-OCD when it comes to my living space.

Enter the scooba – iRobot’s floor moping robot, capable of cleaning four rooms in a single charge.  I’d like to say that we should listen to John Connor and not trust the work of humans to the machines, else you end up with the future governor of California traveling back in time to kill your mom. But at the same time, mopping is hard.  Maybe we should embrace the future and welcome our moping robot overlords….

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