Strange Happenings at Galaxy

Galaxy Cafe on West Lynn has a nice euro-style outdoor seating area where me and the special lady friend were sharing some dinner and a few glasses of wine in what turned out to be a very nice evening.

About halfway through the meal, we were joined on the porch by two older gentleman (a couple I would guess), who rolled up in an older Rolls Royce with their dog (yes, we bring our dogs to eat with us in Austin) that was a mix of poodle, malamute and dust bunny. This thing was walking around with 30 pounds of fur, easily.

We were taking our time with the wine, enjoying some conversation, so they ended up finishing their festivities long before we did. As they were leaving a couple of odd things happened. First, as they are walking toward their car, one of the guys rips an earth-shattering fart. This disturbance of seismic proportions could probably be heard in Houston, caused several homeland security alerts, and temporarily grounded all flights out of the airport. Walls shook, trees snapped from the force of the blast, small children cried. Then he opens the passengers-side door to the Rolls (his partner is already behind the wheel), lets the dust-bunny-slash-dog in, and climbs into the back seat like some freakishly weird version of driving miss daisy, where Morgan Freeman’s part is reprised by Alf.

We took it as a sign to order more wine.