SXSWi – Day Two

Round two of haunting the convention center. Snoozed through the first session on podcasting although Eric Meyer was on the panel, which was cool since he wrote most of our navigation code for the agency sites (check the style sheets we have attiributions). By and large I could have skipped that one.

The difference between A-list and C-(or maybe even G)list, like us is fairly remarkable here. We’re not a tech company, not even a design company, hell technically we’re not even a company. I think there’s definetly stuff we can learn here, and it’s very worthwhile, but whether it’s benfical from a networking standpoint remains to be seen.

However in the department o the absurdly cool, downstairs at the interactive playpen they have gianormous pens of legos. I’d post some pics but i forgot the camera cord (cords are fairly last year apparently).

Also, the people watching here is just plain crazy. It’s like an airport full of geeks although it’s not just your simpsons-comic-book-guy-analog (although there are a lot of those). The age range is shocking, I’ve seen people older than my folks and just as many women as men, which is very cool. It is rather white-washed though.

Oh and adding to the list of things we need next year to look cool here : British accents, smart phones and Scions.

Off to watch Henry Rollins talk…

Henry Rollins

In my p-funk-and-ramones-block-party-perfect world I want to live in we wouldn’t need a military…
I really want to kick Rumsfeld in the nuts…
– Henry Rollins

Man, this guy’s smart.
Other Great Ideas: does art flourish under an oppressive administration? Music itself isn’t the vehicle for change, if it was then Hendrix would have done it with his version of the national anthem. If it could have it would have. What changes things is people voting. Art can help do that. Famous people can get things done as well.

To be an american and not be angry about something is to be asleep on the job. If you truly do what you want to do, don’t expect a placid lake to sail across.

Jason Kottke & Heather Armstrong

I don’t know that anybody likes advertising accept advertisers….”-Jason Kottke on Ads

Interesting keynote regarding what you put into your site, and how much of yourself you put into your site. more about writing and self-disclosure, than about tthe technical aspects of blogging. It’s funny, Armstrong is ripping Kottke a new one regarding his leaving professional blogging.