The Parish

not the parish

Living in the live music capitol of the world will make you spoiled and even jaded when it comes to seeing shows. The to-much-effort-to-park-downtown-I’ll-see-them-next-time-they-roll-through attitude. Last night as we rolled up to sixth street I was having that moment. Excited about the show but less than thrilled with all the bullshit I was about to have to tackle (yes I’m turning into a cranky old fart).

The parish is something else though – step through the door, climb the over sized antique stairwell to the 19th century industrial loft space – This place is a music venue first, with a soundboard to rival most opera houses and a broad planked wood floor that bounces just little bit when crowd is getting into it. What Made Milwaukee Famous put on one hell of a show playing a mix of old and new with a fervor and pump that was shaking bricks out of the walls and setting up mildly alarming oscillating vibrations in my nostrils (I have a big nose, this happens when i stand next to large speakers).

There are a multitude of places I could live and be happy. Shows like that – performances that physically and creatively blow the doors off a venue that does it’s level-best to support and embellish their endeavors  – that’s why I live here.