The Warda Race

We rolled out to my first cross country race this weekend, in Warda. I placed a respectable twelfth, a little over the middle of the heat. I think i would have done a little better, but I was a bit nervous at the start and I got off trail at one point during the race. oops. Overall, good times and a beautiful day to be riding.

Lots of people eat very healthy, well-rounded meals before an event like this. We roll with donuts.

Holy crap, I look cool.

After the race. We don’t look happy, because once you stop pedaling your legs get a bit angry

There’s a spot on this trail called the Gas Pass (i like to call it the Pass Gas, because apparently I’m twelve). Basically the trail drops about 60 feet pretty steeply down a dirt embankment that the trail owners have unwisely covered in cement to prevent erosion. Thus if you endo here, you’re looking to loose a substantial amount of skin and teeth as well as dignity. Hence the ‘oh shit shit shit’ look on my face. More epicness on the Pass Gas can be seen on Germ’s site here.

We race again this weekend at Waco and then later in May in Eldorado, out near Sonora. We’ve approached Shipley’s about a sponsorship but so far they have not returned our calls.

Note: thanks to Mike Brooks/ for these photos. Obviously since I am on the bike, I did not take them.