I met this guy, Clayton a few years ago as we were starting to get involved with the Dirt Derby. He was a name-dropping-douche-bag-womanizer, so we didn’t really hang out to much – I declined or dodged his offers to go on longer rides and training sessions. Turns out that was a good thing.

Yesterday (February 3rd) detectives with the Austin police department executed 2 search warrants on James Clayton’s residence as well as a storage unit that he was renting. At both locations they recovered a large amount of property, some of which has already been linked to crimes committed locally. Yesterday he was arrested on 4 counts, 1 of which was burglary of a residence in Travis County, and the other 3 counts were for larceny theft of bikes in Maricopa County, AZ. This morning a felony theft charge was filed on Mr. Clayton with regards to some of the recovered property.

Apparently this guys gimmick was to plan a meetup, pull a no-show, and then break into your house while you were out wondering where the hell he was and steal all your bikes. It also makes a lot more sense why his bikes were always covered in stickers – because they were stolen. Anyway, stealing bikes is, you know illegal, but there’s in Texas, well, we tend to take justice into our own hands pretty quickly…

This guy better not get away from the cops anytime soon, they will find him impaled on a bike frame, hanging from a tree somewhere down on the greenbelt.

Well said. More here, and here.