Two Enter, One Leaves

Alamo Drafthouse, the worlds greatest movie theater, has teamed up with my favorite pancake purveyor to return Mad Max to the big screen.

Featuring Australian ranter Mel Gibson as a nomadic leather-fetishist who stumbles onto a town run entirely on farts where latter-day gladiators compete inside a huge dutch oven known, as “Thunderdome”. The movie also stars Tina Turner as the singing mayor of Bartertown who sends our hero into the arena against the formidable Master/Blaster, the baddest symbiotic-two-person-bullying- entity-composed-of-one-mildly-retarded-guy-and-one-evil-genius since Bush/Cheney.

I’d love to add to that, but they’ve really summed it up perfectly. But in case you needed just a little more, the trailer they put together is awesome – Mad Max III as a Volkswagen commercial..