Uber Geeky Cool

There’s been a lot of hoopla around the web lately about long time Mac geeks leaving the OS in favor of Ubuntu Linux, mostly because of Apple’s increasingly restrictive polices regarding DRM and open source. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Apple’s DRM, but color me curious, I wanted to see what this was about. A week and three hardrives later here we are: two OS’s on the ibook.

I ran a version of RedHat back in college, but eventually had to ditch the install due to limited hard drive space, and a need for AutoCAD. Needless to say the system’s have come a long way since then. After borrowing several different external hardrives to dry and make a clone of my existing Mac system, I was able to fairly painlessly get every thing up and moving. It’s an impressive system. I’m still acclimating, but I’m an immediate fan of the Open Office suite as well as the highly customizable desktop GUI. Even for someone with very limited experience in the nuts and bolts of Linux, the setup was cake. I have no plans to switch exclusively to Linux, but It does offer some versatility that my system had previously lacked. And there’s just something uber-geek-cool about dual booting my Mac.