The largest bank failure. Ever.

Federal regulators had been trying to broker a deal for Washington Mutual because a takeover by the F.D.I.C. would have dealt a crushing blow to the federal government’s deposit insurance fund. The fund, which stood at $45.2 billion at the end of June, has been severely depleted after suffering a loss from the sudden collapse of IndyMac Bank. Analysts say that a failure of Washington Mutual would have cost the fund as much as $30 billion or more. – NYT

That sucking sound you hear? That’s your standard-of-living being sucked down into a bottomless pit of debt corruption and corporate greed. This is probably what the prison shower feels like the second you accidentally drop the soap.

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  1. bad0wski
    bad0wski says:

    wait, what, you mean a government program wasn’t funded with enough money to provide the service that it was made to provide. i don’t understand, would it help if i send a check today to all the concerned politicians to help them make a new and improved FDIC. i’m sure it would, they are smart people and are great at using my money efficiently.

  2. brian
    brian says:

    hey b…as soon as your not one of the people in this country walking around with credit card debt ( left over from yor first wifein fiscal year 2001 and we are talking about hot air ballon rides to in napa, not strating a buisness or anything constructive) then maybe o can coment about people living beyond their means ( this whole mess) as you are one of the people living the american dream that I DEBT FREE will pay for.

  3. brian
    brian says:

    and besides this is your boy that 4 years ago you voted for and said he was a strong man you sat in your living room and after voting for an clapped when he won is doling out all this cash…

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