For a long time, I’ve tried to make this site be a lot of things: portfolio, photoblog, personal rant space, etc. The real kicker is, if this is supposed to be a professional portfolio site then how do I justify posting a political rant ? Or starting another blog talking abou the music I’m currently listening to ? Or a page about our trebuchet project. It’s fun, but it looks unprofessional, and I’ve become keenly aware lately of how impportant it is to leave your politics out of your work life.

Therefore, a few things will be happening. First of all I’ve launched an independent portfolio site:
wadetreichler.com. This is a site for my design work only.

Next, there will be some changes going on around here. The code for the site is seriously sketchy, and I’m going to attempt to bring it all up to date. We’ll also be adding some new sections, like the music blog, changing the navigation around and (signifigant probably only to me) dropping ‘portfolio’ from the title.

Finaly the, climbing photo section. This was one of the main reason’s i launched the site in the first place, and i’ve really hated having it as a subset of the exisitng photo section, its bulky, non-intuitive and dumb. I’m revamping it, and more importantly, sorting through the hundreds of crap photos, and repostng the couple of decent ones underr the appropriate section.

So that’s it. hopefully the site will reamin realtiovely stable through all this, and in the end the 6 people who look at it on a regular basis will have a better user experience.

Good times.