…At least we got the parks

Here in our fair city, the hate-mongering prop 2 was handily defeated. Sadly the rest of the state failed to follow our lead (what else is new).

Ninety percent of the young people have voted against this amendment. That shows me that we got our message out,” Anne Wynne with No Nonsense in November said. (via KXAN)

Sadly though its not the young ones who run the country, its the old hateful white guys. Maybe it’s time to start working on how so suceed. I still think this idea has a lot of merit. We’d get to be in Texas, and not have to put up with the rest of the people, or at the very least not have to claim them as our own. I guess that’s the worst part, is that so many of my fellow Texans belived so strongly in this vote.

At least we managed to pass the bond issues that’ll keep a great climbing area from being covered with McMansions.Too bad we couldnt get the other ones right.