After a careful scientific study, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am entirely to old to be staying up till 4 a.m. to launch websites, no matter how hip and feature rich they might be. Nor does putting your head down on the desk, just for a minute, lead to continued productivityn i the wee hours of the morning, something I should have learned in school, but a trap I continue to fall into. At least if I pass out on my desk these days the worst that would happen is I’d had have “cvbnm” imprinted on my forehead from my keyboard. In school you had to stay awake – if you passed out on a table you risked being lobotomized by the thousand tiny shards of balsa wood that made up your model.

Excuse me while i go main-line some redbull.

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  1. brian
    brian says:

    exactly….how many times did you change your website background and play xbox during that late night slug fest with work?

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