America’s Moving Adventure.

Another stunning example of why U-haul is possibly the single worst customer service entity on the planet. Sunday Morning 9 a.m. I stroll in right as the U-haul Store opens, to pickup a trailer for my sister’s departure from our fine metropolis:

Me: Hi.

Lady at counter:(stares)

Me: I have a Question …?

Lady:(Continues to stare, bangs on keyboard in simian fashion)

Me: Uh yeah, I have a reservation for pickup at 9, and I’m having a little trouble with my lighting rig on the back of our truck, do you guys sell new light harnesses ?

Lady: I don’t do pickups till 11.

Me: No, see I have reservation…the guy I talked to on Wednesday, said I could pickup at 9. I wouldn’t be awake right otherwise …

Lady: Well I don’t do pickups till 11. Look at all this stuff I have to do (gesturing at stack of fours or five keys on the counter). I couldn’t possibly get you a trailer.

Me: Uhm. (pre-coffee brain unable to generate witty retort) .

Lady: You’ll just have to come back later…

Me: so…but the guy on Wednesday..

Lady: We have new people working for us.

Me: So…

Lady: Sorry. New people.

Oh. Right. I feel better. The fact that they have ‘new people’ magically restored the two hours of sleep I would like to be experiencing right now, thanks U-haul. You’re the best.