End Times: 100°

By midafternoon, the temperature in Chicago was 100, Baltimore reached 99 and Washington hit 97, though the humidity made it feel like 107. – Yahoo News

Clearly, the end is near. Nobody in their right mind could be expected to suffer through temperatures and heat indices of this magnitude.

Oh wait. This is like every summer in Texas. Where we not only survive, but actually go play outside on a regular basis. The heat index here hits 115 and maybe, just maybe Anne Richards and her compatriots add a little more hair spray to the national pastime of Texas (the maintenance and continuance of the trend of Big Hair).

But we certainly don’t publish an article every time we start to sweat a little (we’d not have much other news coverage if that was the case).

If nothing else this serves as hard evidence that we Texans are vastly superior to our fellow citizens in other areas of the country, having acclimatized to super-human levels of heat tolerance. We win (at least until it get’s into the 60’s and we have to break out the sweaters and long underwear).

It’s also ironic that this is published the same day as Psychology Today publishes an article about what wimps we are raising in this country.