Baptists Are Friendly

Everyone’s favorite neighborhood mega-church, Hyde Park Baptist, is making headlines today for evicting an interfaith Thanksgiving feast that included Muslims from a property they own. My understanding is this isn’t even a holy space, just a church gymnasium on the north side of town (although those baptists get pretty animated…maybe there’s some jump-shot-hallelujah-communion-maneuver I haven’t heard about).
Quoth the Statesman:

The [interfaith] group learned Wednesday that the rental space at the church-owned Quarries property in North Austin was no longer available because Hyde Park leaders had discovered that non-Christians, Muslims in particular, would be practicing their faith there. The event, now in its 23rd year, invites Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Bahais and others to worship together.

Way to make headlines guys. Kind of like how you made so many friends by building your five-story parking garage in the middle of Hyde Park, except this time, in addition to a distinct lack of community-building, you managed to serve up a thanksgiving-sized portion of religious intolerance to boot. Nice use of that short work week.

A Reddit Commentor sums it up better than i could, in a letter to the church:

Do you [HPBC] really believe that doing and saying these things is very Christ like? Do you really think that Jesus, a man who broke bread with prostitutes and tax collectors, would shun people of different faiths?

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  1. the lizness
    the lizness says:

    this makes me sick… it’s absolutely incredible how people can profess to be men and women of God then pull this kind of crap. the close-minded, entitled, ethnocentric ignorance of some people is ephing unbelievable.

  2. unclerob
    unclerob says:

    yeah, but aren’t the baptists god’s chosen people? er….wait… i might have my religious sects confused… which one says to hate everyone until they believe what you do? oh…. all of them? nevermind.

  3. b
    b says:

    wade you know better than to post something religious. way too easy for rob and i. challenge us. making fun of religions is old. i’ll pass on this one.

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