Big twelve minus three

So, the Aggies are headed east.

Some observers believe Friday’s launch of the Longhorn Network cable TV channel, a collaboration between UT and ESPN, played a major role in A&M’s decision to jump ship.

“We can’t argue with the fact that the reason they are picking up their toys and leaving is the creation of the Longhorn Network, which, on paper, they believe gives Texas a competitive advantage,” said Mike Cramer, executive director of the UT’s Texas Program in Sports and Media.

So Texas creates their own network, but still expects everyone to want to hangout. This is like the time I cooked dinner at my house for my neighbors, but everybody was required to bring their own silverware, plates, plan the menu and pay for the food. Oh wait, I never did that, as I’m not a horses ass.

At what juncture is this just going to be OU and Texas playing one game a year? Or is it already and whats the point?