Bigpoppa Goes to Washington

shoutoutAs mentioned in the previous post, Brian is one of the fortunate five million or so to be in D.C. for the big party on Tuesday. He keeps sending me photos and updates which I’m going to post up here, like the fantastic shout-out to the website and my mom’s potato salad that you see to the right (sadly, about as close as either of them will get to this inauguration (mom’s potato salad is so good, it’s destabilized nascent democracies in the past)).

Initially, I was pretty skeptical of his plan to go hang out with so many of our country men jammed into one city in such a politically charged time, but apparently it’s pretty awesome. According to him there’s quite the party vibe, with people extremely excited about what’s to come. I still don’t really understand how you can fit 2.5 million people on the mall, but i guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll get better coverage of tomorrow’s events by watching CNN or some-such sanctioned, legitimate news agency. But if you want bigpoppa’s…unique…perspective, check back I’ll keep posting whatever he sends me. Photos are here.