Some random musings from the department of about to go on vacation…

  • I came to the conclusion this week that I’ve been suffering form Heat Stroke since mid July or there abouts. Not trying to sound like a broken record but I went running last night, and still haven’t recovered. I normally dig the heat, but  it’s been pretty unbearable this summer.
  • From the sub-department of Geekery, this MyAlltop thing that folks have been plugging on twitter for the past few days is actually pretty damn cool. Kind of like what RSS feeds always should have been, if someone had actually considered usability as being an important feature.
  • On Wednesday, I hopped on my bike hoping for, if not a good ride, then at least one without injury or broken bike parts. Not so much. Two miles in, the front fork – normally designed to compress up to 100mm, decides it’s not going to do that anymore and turns completely rigid. It then starts making noises one normally associates with airline crashes, Las Vegas and animals dying on the Discovery channel. All this four days before the big Colorado riding fiesta. I have clearly pissed off the bike gods somehow.
  • Back the geekery department, apparently yesterdays’ social networking outages (twitter, facebook, etc) were caused by one crazy bastard at the helm of a large network of zombified windows computers. Yes, you should be afraid.
  • I resoundingly disagree that Texas (as quoted here) is “…as Red a Red State as they come.” The Texas Democratic Party used to be a force to be reckoned with until they allowed themselves to be neutered by Tom Delay’s Gerrymandering of 2003, however it’s interesting to see foreigners start to realize we’re not so homogeneous as they might think.
  • Speaking of Texas politics, the new non-profit journalistic venture the Texas Tribune is getting of the ground wiht the soon to-be-former Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith at the helm. Should be interesting to watch.
  • Monday I leave to see what trouble I can get into in Crested Butte, Breckenridge and eventually Northern New Mexico. I have no specific plans, just a general string of destinations and activities (ride bike in non 100º weather, drink beer, etc.).

Look for the forthcoming post from the Hotel Subaru.