So I’ve manged not to get eaten by a bear (yet), to only fall off my bike a few times and to go on some pretty amazing rides with some fantastic people. Traveling like this is a weird mix of enjoying the time away and simultaneously missing what you have at home. That and wondering how the hell people actually tamed the west in wagons with no GPS. Earlier this week, we camped over a mine shaft that was about 4′ tall – imagine hacking your living out of the earth in dark, continually flooding hole in the ground that could crush you instantly. Makes designing websites seem fairly simple by comparison.

All told, the rides have been a sucess, in the sense that nothing was broken, and no one got to badly hurt. The trails were tough but not impossible.  Today though, got interesting. The high point of the day was putting my bike’s rear suspension back together with a radiator hose clamp, a peice of a pump gasket and a hammer gel wrapper while sitting in the middle of the woods (yes, we had all these items with us) MacGuyver would be proud. It is apparently mayor brad’s training program  that we will be drinking lots’o Pabst this evening in to counteract the effects of today’s  five hour hammer fest. We’ll see how it goes.

Sidenote – Germ has some pictures up from their trip which nicely overlapped with mine.