Business Travel is Funny

Ok some things I’ve learned from my first business trip:

The reason they put giant signs on your hotel (say the downtown Indianapolis Hilton)is so that when you go running and get really freaking lost, you can get back to your place of sleeping.

Never stay in room 801 at the aforementioned Hilton. It’s right next the elevator. This is apparently bad. (Note-to-self: find architect of said hilton and inform him of his ineptitude. Bring bludgeoning device.)

Announcements like “the CVS across the street not only sells beer and wine, but hard liquor…” means your on a good trip.

Apparently they refer to it as “The War for the Union” up here. Weird.

The Embraer 145
is by far the stupidest, most uncomfortable flying metal tube that you’ll ever find yourself stuffed into. Also, American Airlines pilots of this particular model of plane apparently suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and occasional feel the need to dodge flashback-induced phantom surface-to-air missiles launched from rural Arkansas. Much, I might add, to the dismay of most the passengers on board.

And finally, the food per diem. Who doesn’t want to eat steak every night ?