Great Day to Fly

Thank god for the airport bar.



Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith at the Paramount theater in Austin, for the national premier of Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

It was Inherit the Wind, like I was arguing the fucking Scope’s monkey trial. Seriously, it was the second half of every Law and Order and I was Jack McCoy. Except I was defending myself…the defense attorney is always a guest star anyways… I was like, the hell with film making, I’m going to be a lawyer…

– Smith, on his successful attempt to get the NC-17 rating for Zack and Miri downgraded to an R-rating.

Overheard at the Springs

A good reason Barton Spring is awesome: the little girl in the bright pink bathing suit running down the trail yelling, “swimmmmmmmiiinnggggg,” at the top of her lungs, flip flops pattering away, all the way down to the water.

Sonora (again)

It’s a beautiful day at the x-bar ranch near Sonora Texas, and I seem to be flying through the air. No really, that’s not a poetic biking metaphor, I’m actually airborne. A moment ago, me and my bike were working on improving our position, after a fairly respectable start. Now my bike is in a tree somewhere behind me and I am presented with the curious dilemma of selecting between pointing rocks and ponty-er cactus (in the end I choose to split the difference).

Yup, this is going to hurt.

Overheard At Whole Foods…

While picking up stuff for some picnic action on Saturday at Whole foods, I grabbed an extra bread bag so we could split the baguette in half and have it with dinner. It kind of freaked the checker out…

Hippy Checker Girl: Dude something happened to your loaf!

Me: Uh, what ? Oh…no, I jut got an extra bag.

HCG: Oh man that’s a relief. I was like ‘oh no there’s a lost loaf somewhere in the store. Help!’

I love this town.


…sucks. Been sitting still for about 30 minutes. Clearly this ishappening because I’m on my way to Dallas.

Merry christmas

We don’t celebrate enough, there’s no feasts or festivals, just astring of national three day weekend and weaksauce greeting cardholidays. Christmas is the one time that’s different. Even McDonaldsis closed.Raise a glass, spend too much, raise another glass, eat to much andenjoy the day.

Country clubs

So apparently I’m not really used to this whole country club scene–I’m walking up to the front door and see this old black guy in a suit moving for the door as well. I reach forward pulled open the door forhim and was a little shocked when he did the same. Yeah, he was the doorman. His job is to open the door. And he seemed alittle confused, even vexed that a non-professional such as myself had tried to do his job for him. There’s probably a union or something I’m supposed to be in.

Travel on thanksgiving

What a bad idea. The fact that I can post to the website from the road ought to be indicitive of the traffic near and around the Austin airport.