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I rode the North Table rim rock trail this weekend for the first time this summer. It’s a magnificent little 1.7 mile trail on the top of the mesa, a breezy little relief after you’ve busted your ass climbing up from the valley that encompasses the Coors brewery, clear creek and the straggly bits of Golden.

The Europe

For my Grandmother’s 90th birthday bash – being that she is was a medieval history major at Rice –  she wanted to see ancient ruins. With her initial suggestion of Syria probably out, we made do with Athens and Florence in (and I say this without hyperbole or excess) what was really a once-in-a-lifetime trip. […]

Austin’s Problems

That liberal blue dot in the middle of Texas (that everyone wants to move to) is an inclusive and progressive place, right? Actually not so much, considering the African-American population of the city dropped as the overall population grew by 20%.

Mr. Fusion

“When the lasers are fired, the capsule is compressed 35 times. That is like compressing a basketball to the size of a pea.”


I’m slightly dyslexic, so putting things in proper alphabetical order has always been an unduly arduous task for me. I’d never thought of it as something that had to be discovered though. Apparently so.