Change ? We fear change…

The site has been running a bit dull lately, a byproduct of me being really busy but also a little bit due to the current setup. Last year i took the number of entries on the main page down to one, in order to lend emphasis towards longer pieces. One entry per page is kind of like me making coffee for myself every morning: great idea, but i still end up going to Starbucks, much to the offense of my indie-coffee-shop sensibilities (it’s right on the corner, I’m sorrrrry, alright).

Anyway, point being I’m bumping the number of entries on the main page up a bit, with the hope of being able to add some medium-sized entries, without the effort of the giant writing projects. Yup, it’s just one more way to be lazy , but as the benevolent-god/dictator-for, that’s my call.

Oh and ten points to whoever knows the movie that the title is lifted from.

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  1. srt
    srt says:

    PLEASANTVILLE for one.

    You’ve a copy of my STAE OF FEAR rant – but that line is in there too.

    If you want to go all historical,
    Machiavelli has a great riff on the
    resistance to change and why those
    most resistant are usually those
    with the most to lose.

  2. wade
    wade says:

    Well, i was actaully thinking Wayne’s world, but you get points for taking a very serious route.

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